First impressions. That’s what resumes are all about. Their job is to entice the employer to invite you in for an interview. If you’re like most people, writing your own resume is a daunting task. Your expertise is in some other area – perhaps it’s health care, human resources, administrative support, education, management, engineering, purchasing, finance, and so on – not in writing and not in promoting yourself. That’s where our expertise comes in.

We collaborate with you to uncover what makes you unique and what your strengths are, match that to what an employer wants to know about you, and present you at your best. The result is a document that makes an excellent first impression and gives you a competitive advantage – which explains the name we’ve given to our writing business, Advantage Resumes.

In addition, we make sure you know the latest and most effective strategies for conducting a job search so that your resume gets the best results possible. And when you get that interview, we help you prepare for the tough questions.

For an idea of our design style and strategic process, take a look at the resume and cover letter samples. They have been disguised to protect the confidentiality of the clients. Note that each resume has a unique design, format, and content. Our resumes are customized to reflect the specific circumstances and needs of each client. (Can you tell which one was written for an 81-year-old client? Feel free to email me if you want the answer!)

Resume Sample 1 – HR Director
Resume Sample 2 – Investment Analyst
Resume Sample 3 – ESL Teacher
Resume Sample 4 – Marketing Director
Resume Sample 5 – Administrative Assistant
Cover Letter Sample – Clinical Laboratory Scientist

The process is simple and is based on an information-gathering interview, typically by phone, which lasts from one to one-and-a-half hours. From that information, we create a resume that is tailored to your specific career goals. You will receive a draft of your resume to review, in 5-10 business days, by email or fax, and we will finalize the resume to meet your needs as soon as you complete your review. Once final changes are made, you will receive an electronic file of your resume in MS Word and a version of your resume formatted as a text file for posting to company web sites or sending in emails.

Resume Pricing
Prices vary according to the complexity of the project. To give you an idea of the ranges for soup-to-nuts resume preparation, the following is a guide, but call us (781-444-0778) for a quote on your specific project. Full payment (cash or credit card) is required before work on your project will begin.

Entry level/early career (< 5 years) $275-$425
Mid-career (5-15 years) $425-$650
Executive Resumes $650-$1,200
Technical Resumes $750-$1,050

Above fees include an hour of free coaching on any aspect of the job search process and periodic advice, as needed, during your search. Additional coaching time will be charged at regular coaching fees.

If you would like professional direction and guidance with regard to strategy, content, and format but choose to do the writing yourself, we offer two other options, as noted below.

45-minute phone consult to produce a customized resume framework, with the layout and summary section prepared for you; you write the remaining content (service does not include critique of final document) – $175
45-minute phone consult to provide strategic guidance and formatting tips – you write the resume (service does not include critique of final document) – $89

Cover Letters, Thank You Letters, and Other Documents
Cover letters and thank you letters have been known to tip the scales in a hiring decision. We can help you craft effective cover letters and professional thank you and follow-up letters that will complement your resume and enhance your overall presentation to the employer. Cover letters and thank you letters are priced at $95 each.