Have you ever used your Google Plus account in order to do online marketing? You may not know exactly what it is capable of achieving for you. When Google was promoting this, they tried to create an alternative to Facebook, but due to the way it was constructed, and how people have been conditioned to use Facebook for social media, it really never took off. It is because of this that it is actually a secret weapon that many people use in order to rank their products and websites online. Here are three tips that you can use if you want to use Google Plus as your secret marketing strategy.

How Google Plus Works

Google Plus is one of those underutilized powerhouses for marketing, one that very few people know how to use properly. Facebook has over a billion users, but Google Plus has over 150 million users which are virtually untapped in regard to marketing. It is a social network, and it will connect you with people, but you need to use the right strategies to make sales. It is very useful when it comes to ranking your website on the search engines. It’s also helpful when it comes to branding not only yourself as an expert, but for branding your company as well.

Relationship Marketing And Driving Traffic

These are the two aspects of social media marketing that make it so popular with businesses today. Your ability to develop relationships with potential customers, and existing customers, is what will help you make more sales. The added benefit is that whatever you post to your Google Plus account has a higher probability of being ranked in a higher position. Google will reward you are using their platform, and therefore the combination of relationship marketing and driving traffic can both be utilized once you know how to use your account.

Different Components Of Google Plus

First of all, once you have a Google Plus page, this means that people can find you online. They will see your picture, the name of your company, and it will give you authenticity because they will see that you have an official account. When you start to post your Google Plus Profile, this will begin to build up over time, with much of what you are posting being accessible on the web. To accelerate the process of getting more customers, you can send email to those that are in your circles, and you can also join Google Plus communities where you can connect with like-minded individuals, and subsequently begin to sell products.

How Google Plus Differs From YouTube

The first way that Google Plus differs from YouTube is quite obvious. Google Plus is not about videos. YouTube is also not a social media platform, but the two are directly connected. It is because both are controlled and owned by Google that whatever you do on one affects the other. What you will want to do is post to your Google Plus profile, link to the videos that you are doing, and this can help them rank even higher. By posting videos, specifically about your products, you will start to see them show up higher on the search engines. This will help you generate more traffic, build your notoriety on the web, all because you learn how to use both Google Plus and YouTube together.

Why You Should Make Posts Every Day

The reason that you should make a post every day is that it is going to show consistency. It is also going to help you generate content that can be indexed on the web. As mentioned earlier, because this is directly connected to Google, and they prefer ranking content that is on their own platform, you could find yourself looking at multiple page-one positions, and number-one positions, for all of your posts and videos. It will take a little bit of time to get used to with you have only done Facebook marketing before, but it’s really not that hard to understand. You will be more motivated than ever once you start to see your posts and videos ranking higher and more traffic coming to your money sites.

The main reason that you want to learn how to master Google Plus is because it is part of Google. Whether you use the social media aspect of it or not, when you start to interact more with people that are also participating on this social media platform, it can only help your business. When you start to link out to different websites that you own, and when you link to your YouTube channel, you will start to see a massive movement in your videos online. It’s a win-win scenario for you by simply learning all of the intricacies of Google Plus, and it may very well be the best way for you to rank your website.